You can connect the SMARTRING20 wirelessly. The term ‘wireless’ refers to the doorbell's communication with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This means that no physical connection is needed between the doorbell and your mobile device. You can operate the doorbell and receive notifications without using cables for data transmission.

Although the SMARTRING20 communicates wirelessly with your mobile devices, the device itself still needs power to function. Here are the two ways you can install it:

Wired installation:

The doorbell can be connected to the existing wiring of your current doorbell. This ensures that the SMARTRING20 is constantly supplied with power.

Connect the supplied wires to the existing wiring according to the manual.

Connecting with USB

You can use a USB cable. For this, you need to lay a cable to the place where the doorbell will hang.

The SMARTRING20 has a built-in battery. However, it only serves as a backup.