If the data from your weather station is no longer visible on the indoor unit, the units are no longer connected. It is best to follow these steps:

- Replace the batteries in the outdoor unit (check that the transmitter lamp lights up every 45 seconds; if not, the outdoor unit is not getting enough power and the problem may be solved by changing the batteries, or the outdoor unit is faulty);

- If that does not help, remove the batteries from both units, place the units side by side, put the batteries in the outdoor unit first and then in the indoor unit. Within one hour, the units will connect to each other again;

- If this does not help either, there is a defect in the outdoor unit or the outdoor unit is too far away from the indoor unit. Halve the distance between both units to see if that is the problem. If this also does not help, the outdoor unit seems to be defective. If it is under warranty, you can report it to www.service-hesdo.nl. If it is not covered by the warranty, you can check on alecto.nl whether the outdoor unit is still available. Search on your weather station, make sure you have the - between WS and the numbers. Click on the picture, scroll down a little and click on 'Accessories & spare parts'.