If you can no longer connect with the camera, this may have various causes.

You are on a different wifi network than the camera, for example with friends or at work. This could be because the network you are on has a high level of security. Use your mobile internet.

  • Poor connection to the mobile internet. If you have a high camera resolution, the data flow is very high. Either lower the resolution of your camera or make sure you have very good mobile internet coverage.
  • Your camera cannot get through your firewall properly. Turn on the UPnP function in your modem and possibly forward the camera via port 80 using a UDP protocol.
  • The camera has software problems. While the camera is connected to the mains, press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds. The camera will then reset itself and the installation must be repeated from the beginning as described in the manual. It is also best to remove the camera from the app.

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