The following things may be going on:

- You still have your mobile internet switched on.  Please switch it off.

- Your mobile phone is not on the same network as your camera. Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the same network as your camera.

- You have not deleted the camera from your app after resetting it. Delete it from the app.

- Your camera is not connected to your modem but to a router or extender. Connect your camera to your provider's main modem.

- UPnP (Unversal Plug and Play) is not enabled in your modem. Activate UPnP as a setting on your modem.

- Your modem has restrictions with regard to your camera. Look in your modem's network overview, find your camera and set the restrictions for this device to Unrestricted.

- The camera did not reset properly. Press and hold the reset button for approximately 30 seconds. Then wait for 2 minutes and disconnect the camera from the power supply for a minute. After this, the camera should have had a good reset. After plugging the camera in, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes before the camera is completely up and running again.

In most cases, the above should get your camera working within your network.