Since the update, the steps for signing in the DVC600IP have changed.

These are the steps: 

1. Go to add device

2. Then the app asks you to scan the QR code. So this was indeed the way to sign in before the update. Now you go to ''Select Model manually''

3. Then the app will ask you to turn off your mobile connection, you tick that off at the bottom.

4. Then you will get 3 options, Smart camera, EZ connection and battery cameras. There you choose Battery camera. 

5. Then the app asks which way you want to connect the camera. There you choose Wi-Fi connection. 

6. Then you need to reset the indoor unit and wait for a while until it says Ready for router setup.

7. When it has done that, go to continue.

8. Then the app wants to connect to the indoor unit. You should now see :Select Wi-Fi AP. Below that, you will see HD-00XXX. 

9. Click on that and it will ask you to connect. Below that you will see: Go to Settings.

10. If you click on that, you will see HD-00XXX. You need to connect to that. The password is 12345678.

11. Then go back until you are back in the app. The app will now start searching for the indoor unit. (It may happen that the phone gets a pop up message that no internet is available. This is indeed the case and you can feel free to continue).

12. If successful, you get that you need to enter a password. You must enter this and save it.

13. Then the camera appears on the screen. The app may briefly tell you that there is no connection. In that case, you should really let the camera search for a while. Eventually, the camera is found and you have an image.

If you don't succeed, please let us know!