These are the steps to register an extra bell: 

1. Remove the batteries from the receiver and leave for 30 seconds, this will clear the memory. 

2. 2. Insert batteries in the transmitters and receivers, ready to register new codes. 

 3. 3. Press the transmitter once within 15 seconds, it will generate new operating codes individually which will be registered and stored in the memory. (The receiver has 15 seconds to learn up to 5 codes after the batteries are inserted. If no operation code is sent by the transmitter within 15 seconds, the receiver is only ready for 1 new code registration. This means that only the 1st transmitter can communicate with 1 receiver after 15 seconds).

4. It is important to remember that when you replace the dead batteries with new ones, you must follow the same procedure as above for setting the automatic learnable code.