The display of the WS-1150 needs good batteries to work optimally. We use 1,5V batteries. 

If you have used for example 1,2V rechargeable batteries, the clarity may decrease. 

If you place the weather station on a table/desk and sit down facing it, it will have the correct angle and you will see that the display is very clear. 

If you look at the image from the side, it may indeed be that the readability decreases. This can happen with an LCD display. 

If you feel that the display is not as clear as we suggest in this FAQ, you can send the weather station, if it is still under the 2 year warranty, to us free of charge for our technicians to look at. 

We will make sure that it is repaired/replaced and you will receive a fully functional weather station. 

You can report a repair using our repair form.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form.