If you are unable to view the photos and videos, this may have various causes.

  • It could be that you are on a different wifi network with a high security level, which could prevent you from retrieving the photos and videos via the app. Try using your mobile internet.
  • Your mobile internet data limit has been exceeded, this can cause the data to come in too slowly on the app, which can result in a time-out.
  • Your camera does not pass through your firewall in your network. Turn UPnP on and possibly forward the camera over port 80 with a UDP protocol.
  • The camera needs a reboot. Unplug the camera and plug it back in 20 seconds later. The camera will need a short time to reboot and the SD can then be read.

You can also remove the SD card from the camera and read it on a PC. If you have recorded manually with the app, these images will be stored on your smartphone instead of on the SD card.

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us via this website.