How annoying that your SA300 is beeping or giving false alarms.

In this case, it is an optical smoke detector, under the hood there are 2 optical sensors that see each other. If the view between the sensors is disturbed, for example by smoke, the smoke detector will go into alarm. So it could also be that something else gets between the optical sensors, triggering the alarm or causing beeps, think of a lint, dust or insect. To rule out that this is the cause, it is best to clean the smoke detector with a hoover or blow it clean with compressed air. Also check the following link for this:

Should this not give any improvement, you can report the products defect within the warranty period at:

For this, you need to switch off the SA300 smoke detector before shipment.

This can be done by holding down the Test function for ~20 seconds.


If the smoke detector is switched off, it will not trigger an alarm in case of smoke formation.