Most weather stations obtain their time from the DCF signal. This is the time from the Frankfurt atomic clock.

- The DCF time is collected four times a day: at 2.00, 8.00, 14.00 and 20.00. If the time is not yet correct, this may have something to do with it.

- The DCF time is retrieved by the indoor unit. If the correct time is still not retrieved after the times mentioned above, place the indoor unit close to the window or outside to make it easier to retrieve the time.

- Does the time differ from the actual time by several hours? Please check the time zone, which should be set to 0 in most cases. How to change the time zone can be found in the user manual of your weather station.

- You no longer have the manual? Then go to and search for manual WS-...., the right manual can be downloaded.

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The time on my weather station is not correct / the DCF signal is not working

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